Helping empower overwhelmed menopausal women to achieve the BEST skin of their life!

Do you struggle with:

Fine lines and wrinkles

Dry, red, itchy skin with dark patches

Overwhelming skin care choices and advice 

Rushing around after everyone else being pulled in different directions, leaving you no time or space? 

Work With Me

Skin Care for Daily Use

Cosmeceutical daily skin care will change your skin at a deeper level. Leaving it brighter, fresher and more luminous.

Create Some Space For You

Learn how to create time for you each day, enabling you to feel calmer, more balanced and in control of your life.

Treatments In Clinic

Bespoke treatments give you time out while improving your skin health. They are the “cherry on the top” to enhance your transformation. 


Being guided by an expert with a quick, effective and simple skin care routine. Learning how to use the products properly therefore seeing a difference in the mirror and admiring your healthy skin. Making space each day to rest and relax leaving you feeling more balanced, calmer and you’re sleeping better. Bespoke treatments are performed in an “oasis of calm” where you can completely switch off and focus on yourself, leaving you floating on a cloud. You receive comments on your skin, how well you look and your feeling more confident.

Your Skin Care Transformation £1500 includes

Skin Care With AlumierMD

Six months skin care that is suitable for healthy skin, we begin with a consultation, instructions on how to use them and support via What'sApp throughout your journey.

Create Some Space For You

Six months support to Create Some Space for you enabling you to feel balanced, relaxed and back to your old self, this will ripple out to being a calmer mother, partner and friend

Treatments In Clinic

Bespoke treatments designed for you and your skin, enabling you yo temporarily drop your roles allowing you to completely relax and have some well deserved time for you.

What you get:

  • All AlumierMD products with instructions for six months
  • All supplements to enhance your skin from the inside out for six months
  • Treatments for six months along with any aftercare products required
  • Support from myself on What’sApp to ask any questions you may have
  • Empowering you to live life on your terms 
  • This all inclusive package is your bespoke skin care journey 

Are you suffering with dry, sensitive skin with pigmentation? Are you busy, stressed and exhausted and don’t have time for your skin?  Here is a FREE gift for Your Skin During the Menopause!

Are you busy, stressed and don’t have any time for you? 

Would you like to learn more about your skin during the menopause? 

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