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Tried everything for your dry, red skin with increasing lines and wrinkles?

Overwhelmed, with conflicting skincare advice and lack of support?

Nothing to look forward to, life has become monotonous?

Work With Me...

Your Skin Review

During this personalised consultation, we’ll thoroughly discuss your skin and you’ll gain insights into why your skin behaves the way it does. The perfect opportunity to ask questions and understand your skin’s unique requirements

Enjoy a luxurious 60 minute facial while I continue to assess and understand your skin’s unique needs

Following the review, I will provide a report for you. Take the first step towards a healthier and more radiant complexion by booking your skin review using this button

Discover Effective Home Care

By dedicating time to your self care daily, you’ll experience a calmer and more balanced life

Explore the transformative power of medical grade skin care that works at a deeper level, leaving your skin brighter, fresher and more luminous. Unveil the path to a healthier, more glowing complexion!

Ready for your next step?Choose either an on line or in person review and book here…

Treatments In Clinic

Bespoke treatment plans are available to address your unique skin needs

Indulge in a rejuvenating experience within our cosy “Oasis of Calm during your treatment

Take your next step by booking a Skin Review, the choice is yours, whether you prefer the convenience of online booking or an in-person consultation


Experiencing a quick, effective and simple skin care routine, with the support you need

Seeing a real difference in your skin. feel confident and receive compliments from your friends. Our mission is to care not just for your skin, but for you

Taking time for self care, create space to rest and relax and notice how you feel more balanced and calm

Embark on this transformative journey by booking a Skin Review. Are you ready to explore our approach to skincare?

The Proof...


Discover benefits of AlumierMD products and expert guidance on how to incorporate them into your skincare routine

Boost your skin health from the inside out with our carefully chosen supplements

Holistic skincare experience, including treatments and aftercare products tailored to your specific needs

Support you personally with expert advice via WhatsApp

Take charge of your skincare journey with a bespoke plan that delivers the best possible results for you and your skin

More Proof...

More Luminous Skin Here..

Ready to feel more confident and achieve smoother skin, more like it used to be?

Say goodbye to worries over wrinkles, dullness, breakouts and uneven skin tone once and for all... .

With my guide unlock FIVE Steps For More Luminous Skin that you can start today

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