Helping empower overwhelmed menopausal women to achieve the BEST skin of their life!

Do you struggle with:

Are you suffering with dry, red skin with fine lines and wrinkles? Are you overwhelmed with skin care choices, conflicting advice and lack of support? 

You spend your week rushing around everyone else, working long hours which leaves you exhausted, anxious and lonely. Your life is monotonous, dull and you have nothing to look forward to.

At Serendipity Skin Solutions you can choose wether you chat or chill out completely at your treatment. By creating some space for you in your busy life yourself to rest, relax and recuperate without feeling guilty! To find out more…

Work With Me

Complete Skin Review

Book your full holistic skin review so that you can learn more about your skin and what is happening on a deeper level. This includes a 60 minute facial treatment for you to relax and for me to get to know your skin better. I will answer any questions and explain my findings to you.

Effective Skin Care

Cosmeceutical skin care used regularly will change your skin at a deeper level. This alone will leave your skin brighter, fresher and more luminous. Learn to create regular time for you each day, enabling you to feel calmer, more balanced and in control, while meeting the demands of your busy life

Treatments In Clinic

For bespoke treatment journeys the professional treatments selected specifically for your skin issues act as the “cherry on the top”. You will be able to rest, relax and recuperate in our cosy “oasis of calm”.


Being guided by an expert with a quick, effective and simple skin care routine. Feel and see a difference in the mirror, with your friends complimenting on  your healthy skin. Make space each day to rest and relax leaving you balanced, calmer and more confident. Bespoke treatments are performed in our cosy “oasis of calm” where you can completely switch off and focus on yourself. To find out more… 

Here is the proof...

Your Skin Care Transformation

Your Cosmeceutical Skin Care

We begin with a thorough consultation ,where we advise you on skin care to help your unique concerns. We provide instructions on how to use your new products and support you via What'sApp throughout your journey. To begin your skin care journey book your consultation which is available on line or in person.

Your Treatment Journey

Your bespoke treatment journey is designed with you and your skin. We will take not account your skin issues and make a plan suitable for you. This will include making some time for you each day in your busy life enabling you to feel calmer, more content and more like your old self.

Treatments In Clinic

Your treatment plan will allow you to temporarily drop your roles, allowing you to relax and have some well deserved time out while you receive the treatment needed to improve your skins condition, leaving you with glowing, luminous, healthy skin.

What you get:

  • AlumierMD products with instructions for six months
  • Supplements to enhance your skin from the inside out for six months
  • Treatments along with any aftercare products required
  • Support on What’sApp to ask any questions you may have
  • Empowering you to live life on your terms 
  • A completely bespoke skin care journey designed for you!

Are you suffering with dry, sensitive skin with pigmentation? Are you busy, stressed and exhausted and don’t have time for your skin?  Here is a FREE gift for Your Skin During the Menopause!

Are you busy, stressed and don’t have any time for you? 

Would you like to learn more about your skin during the menopause? 

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