Helping skin professionals understand
what is happening in menopausal women bodies and how this effects their skin

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Helping mid life women to understand what is going on in their body

Identifying peri-menopause symptoms

Knowing how menopause affects the skin

Our Approach

Menopause and Skin

This webinar will explain what happens during the menopause, how that affects the skin and how you can help your clients

Create Some Space For You

Menopausal women are often busy, overwhelmed and anxious, we can encourage them to create some space regularly allowing stress hormones to lower, easing symptoms


Combined webinars

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We understand you need more information to carry into your professional work. You will learn the symptoms of peri-menopause, how stress is affecting the body and the support your clients may need. Become known in your area for your skin expertise during menopause.

Do you have clients suffering with stress, overwhelm and anxiety?

Do they suffer with poor sleep, fatigue and mood swings?

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