Supporting, Educating and Empowering menopausal women not just to survive but to THRIVE?

Let's celebrate the menopause!

Exhaustion, overwhelm and anxiety is leaving you feeling lonely and no one seems to understand what you are going through. Life feels dull, monotonous, you have nothing to look forward to, wondering if you will ever feel yourself again. It doesn’t have to be this way, imagine a safe space for you to learn, feel supported and empowered to live life on your terms. You are in the right place, this is exactly what the Menopause Membership is for.

Your Membership Offers

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All training, retreats and resources under one roof to access whenever you are feeling resentful of the menopause.


Education with industry experts, along with retreats, allowing you to temporarily drop your roles, and receive well deserved rest and inner peace .


Community support, self awareness and encouragement to be the best version of you and you never feel lonely again.

Imagine this…
Waking up each day, sleeping better, regaining your sense of self and living life on your terms. Temporarily drop your roles, rest, receive inner peace, finding the freedom to become a better mother, wife and friend…
Having a safe space where you and your symptoms are understood with like minded women and learn from industry experts.
This monthly membership is dedicated to you to feel supported, guided and have resources at your fingertips to have you feeling like your old self again. 

How the Menopause Membership works:

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Supporting you with regular training (from industry experts), workshops, and retreats. Creating some space for you and helping you feel more like your old self

Enjoy Workshops, Training and Retreats

Twice a month new training, workshops and Retreats will be added. All will be recorded so they are there when you need them.

Feel Supported and Empowered

You will be included in the Whats App group of like minded women about we can discuss any symptoms or feelings you wish.

What you get:


  • Education using masterclasses and workbooks along with access to industry experts to empower you.

  • Support from myself and a community of women, just like you who are learning to embrace this next chapter of life.

  • Online retreats, allowing you to temporarily drop your roles, rest and receive inner peace by dipping your toes into mindfulness.

  • Creating a mindset to develop belief, confidence and alignment and achieve whatever you want to! 
  • Empowering you to live life on your terms making the right decisions for you.

My Story...

At 42, I visited my doctor.  I was exhausted – night sweats had left me sleep-deprived and irritable. Only to be told I was too young to be perimenopausal. When you’re exhausted and low you don’t always have the energy to question the advice you’re given but I knew he was wrong.  And I trusted my intuition enough to keep looking. 

Eventually, I visited an alternative doctor, I was emotional by the time I reached his office and he wondered if I was depressed. But I knew my body, I just needed sleep.  He helped and within weeks I felt like a different woman!  My mindset was starting to shift but there was still so much work to do.

My 40s were transformational.  I escaped a toxic marriage and my self-discovery began at a retreat with meditation, mindset, and Qi-Gong! This sparked an interest in spirituality and I discovered oracle cards, crystals, and working with the moon. I  was determined to avoid a hat trick of auto-immune disease. 

With support, I dealt with my inner critic (you know that voice that says you’re never enough or you’re too much or you don’t deserve to be healthy, happy, loved), improved my mindset and my self-belief returned. I see my inner critic as a teacher now and I love to flip her script. I’ve surrounded myself with a community of people who support me, reinforce my self-belief, and cheer me on.  I feel motivated, balanced, and ready to take on the world! I’m expanding and feeling more aligned than I have in years…this time spirituality is going nowhere!  

I want to make a difference, so my mission is to help overwhelmed, menopausal women not to survive but to THRIVE!!! 

If you’re looking for a safe place to talk about menopause (with access to industry experts), explore what’s been missing in your life, and dip your toes into meditation, mindfulness, and mindset work we have a supportive community of women just like you who are learning to embrace the next chapter of life. 

Wherever you are on your journey you’re welcome here.