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Are you facing challenges in managing menopause in your workplace? Many midlife women encounter difficulties during this phase, which can result in increased absenteeism and decreased job satisfaction. Providing effective support to menopausal employees can not only benefit their well-being but also boost their productivity and engagement.

It’s crucial to offer support and create a workplace culture that understands the challenges faced by women going through menopause. By addressing these issues, you can help reduce the impact of menopause on their mental health and ensure that they can continue to contribute to the success of your organization.

The statistics speak for themselves – many women are struggling in the workplace during menopause. But with the right support, they can navigate this phase with ease and continue to thrive in their careers.

We understand the challenges that menopause can bring to the workplace. Many women experience physical and emotional symptoms that can affect their job performance and overall well-being. That’s why we’re committed to helping both employees and employers navigate this transition with grace and compassion.

We are dedicated to raising awareness about menopause in the workplace, educating both men and women about the changes that occur during this phase of life. We believe that by creating a more supportive work environment, we can help women feel more comfortable discussing their symptoms and seeking help when needed.

We also recognise that women who experience symptoms such as brain fog and anxiety may need additional support and resources to manage their symptoms effectively. That’s why we offer personalised assistance to help women find the right  resources to help them feel their best.

By addressing menopause in the workplace, we can help reduce absenteeism, improve employee satisfaction and productivity, and create a more inclusive and supportive workplace culture. Our goal is to empower women to overcome the challenges of menopause and continue to thrive in their careers.

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Helping Create A Supportive Workplace For Menopausal Women

Are you looking to provide support for your midlife employees experiencing menopause?

Would you like to have someone speak about menopause in your workplace?

As a Mindful Menopause Coach, I specialise in helping busy midlife women overcome overwhelm and achieve their goals. By raising awareness about menopause in the workplace, we can create a more supportive environment. My services can assist women who experience symptoms such as brain fog and anxiety, empowering them to seek help and not feel alone or leave their job.

Speaking In The Workplace starts at £297, our solutions improve your workplace alignment and support  your staff. Let’s collaborate and discuss how we can assist your business during a discovery call

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