Not Feeling Like You Used To
Are You In Your 40's or 50's


Constantly exhausted, disrupted sleep, contending with mood swings, brain fog, and anxiety?

Finding it difficult to concentrate, lost touch with yourself, and not enjoying life?

Experiencing changes in your body, from unpredictable periods to unexplained aches, pains, and weight gain?

Feeling lonely, completely frazzled and lack direction in your work and life?

Enough is enough, you need some time for YOU, LOOK no further to Hit The Pause™!

The Proof...


Stepping off the relentless hamster wheel, where the demands of your life seem to never stop spinning

Space where you prioritise yourself, dedicating time to embark on a truly transformative experience

A sanctuary where your well being takes priority, and you are the centre of your journey

Join A Group Of Supportive Women...

Hit The Pause™ Retreat 

Hit The Pause™ Retreat was designed to Educate and Rejuvenate women just like you. It includes:

Education and discussion about peri menopause and beyond

Explore Emotional Freedom Technique, Breathwork, and Meditation

Create your unique soul print to enable you to create space for yourself each day

All food and drinks are included!

The Hit The Pause™ Retreat is a transformative journey which goes beyond just yourself, it impacts your family and friends too. Imagine the ripple effect of a happier, healthier, and calmer you. Your newfound sense of balance and inner peace will radiate, inspiring and uplifting your loved ones. To Hit The Pause™ use the button below!

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