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Hit The Pause™ at 

Salt Kingdom

What Does This Include?

  • Enjoy a guided relaxation session 
  • Explore topics that arise and answer questions related to menopausing

Imagine, an hour in a comfortable armchair, where the low concentration of salt infuses into all areas of your lungs, helping to loosen and kill micro organisms causing infections. Phlegm, allergens, other bacteria, and impurities are later expelled through coughing or other natural processes. This treatment reduces inflammation by destroying bacteria and strengthening the immune system.

The investment is £30, including your tea. Join Tracy from Hit The Pause™ Retreats at the healing Salt Kingdom with Alina, in Bracknell.

Don’t miss this opportunity to rejuvenate, empower, and connect with like minded women! We are looking forward to welcoming you there…

Hit The Pause™ 

Day Retreat

What Does This Include?

  • Education and discussion about peri-menopause and beyond
  • Exploring Emotional Freedom Technique, Breathwork, and Meditation
  • Creating your unique soul print to enable you to create space for yourself each day
  • All food and drinks are included 

Immerse yourself in a sanctuary of self discovery, empowerment, education and rejuvenation, and let the ripple effect of well being spread through your life and the lives of those you cherish!

The Hit The Pause™ Retreat is a transformative journey which goes beyond just yourself; it impacts your family and friends too. Imagine the ripple effect of a happier, healthier, and calmer you.  

Your newfound sense of balance and inner peace will radiate, inspiring and uplifting your loved ones. You will leave feeling healed, inspired and focused.

I am looking forward to seeing you there I am currently planning events for 2024…