Empowering overwhelmed
midlife women to THRIVE!!!

Do You Struggle With...

Constant stress, exhaustion, and overwhelm?

Being stretched too thin, juggling childcare, elderly relatives, and work responsibilities?

Questioning the meaning of life and feel lost in your journey?

Ways To Work With Me...

Mindful Menopause  Coaching

Imagine tackling the obstacles of midlife and finding renewed purpose and direction in your life.

Our personalised coaching process is designed to boost your productivity, alignment, and motivation every day.

You don’t have to go through this alone; you can use this chapter not to survive but to thrive!

Join our six-month journey towards balance, tranquility, and fulfillment, while managing your work and family responsibilities effectively.

Uncover what’s hindering you and seize control of your life with our transformative one-on-one coaching.

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Speaking In The Workplace

Are you struggling to provide effective support for menopausal women in your workplace? Do your employees encounter difficulties related to menopause while at work?

The Mindful Menopause Coach specialises in empowering busy menopausal women to overcome overwhelm and reach their objectives. By raising awareness about menopause in the workplace, we can help create a more supportive environment for your staff.

Our services can assist women who experience symptoms such as brain fog and anxiety, empowering them to seek help and not feel alone or leave their job.

Our solutions can improve workplace alignment and support for your staff. Learn more about how we can assist your business here…

Your Skin Transformation

We offer personalised Skin Solutions to address your specific concerns. Whether you’re dealing with dry, red skin, wrinkles, or feeling overwhelmed by conflicting skincare advice, we can help.

Our Skin Reviews provide an in person consultation that includes a 60 minute facial for you to enjoy while we get to know your skin better. After the review, we will explain our findings and send a report, giving you the ideal opportunity to ask questions.

Our mission is not just to care for your skin, but also for you. Our approach to skin care is quick, effective, and simple, and we strive to help you see a real difference in your skin, so that you can feel confident and receive compliments from your friends.

We invite you to explore our approach to skin care and experience the benefits of taking time for yourself here…


You are able to sleep better, waking up refreshed and excited for your day

Someone listening to you and helping manage your symptoms, leaving you feeling calmer, more content and in control of your life 

Feeling empowered, during this chapter of your life, moving from surviving to thriving

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As a mindful menopause coach, I understand the challenges you are facing during this transition. I offer individual coaching support to help you navigate this phase of life with ease. I also provide informative talks on menopause in the workplace. Having come from a beauty background I can help transform your changing skin too!

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