Helping empower overwhelmed menopausal women to use this chapter not to survive but to THRIVE!!!

Do you struggle with:

Insufficient correct knowledge on menopause

Rushing around after everyone else bing pulled in different directions

Carving out time to create some space for you

Work With Me

Transform Your Skin

Is your skin dull, dry, red and affects your self confidence.  

We can work together using my holistic approach  and achieve the best skin of your life.

In Clinic Treatments

For professional waxing, Indian Head Massage or Facial Treatments. 

Come along and relax in our     “Oasis of Calm”

For Skin Professionals

As a Skin Professional would you like to learn how to recognise, support and treat the effects of a menopausal skin. To improve your services, increase your profit and receive client recommendations! Download your symptom checklist and we will keep you updated with exciting developments.

We understand you are lacking knowledge around menopause and we will empower you to use this chapter to thrive.

How it Works

Let's Talk...

Book a 30 minute call to give you the opportunity to discuss your issues and ask questions on how we work. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

Create a Plan Together

Wether you would like skin transformation, menopause coaching or you're a Skin Professional seeking menopause education, we can create a bespoke plan for you.

Execute The Plan

We will work together to achieve your desired results and support you every step of the way. We are looking forward to empowering you about the menopause and skin.

Are you concerned about how to approach your GP? Would you like knowledge, clarity and confidence to ask the right questions? Download these FIVE steps to get the most from your GP appointment!