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Feeling overwhelmed by others’ needs, not as productive as you used to be which stresses you out?

Memory loss, brain fog, lack of concentration is causing trouble at work?

Losing your motivation, drive and joy, questioning lifes meaning?

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Mindful Menopause Coach

Discover a brighter midlife chapter by finding purpose and direction with our personalised coaching.

Boost your productivity, alignment and motivation daily and break free from the shackles. You don’t have to face this journey alone… thrive, don’t just survive! 

Choose the three or six month program for balance, tranquility and fulfilment while managing work and family responsibilities. Uncover barriers and take control of your life with this transformational one to one coaching. 

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Hit The Pause™ Retreat

Working in a small group, experience a transformational journey where you can address constant exhaustion, sleep issues, mood swings, brain fog and anxiety. 

Rediscover yourself, ask questions and share fears to navigate through changes in your body. Say goodbye to feeling overwhelmed, isolated and lacking direction as we provide support you need to find balance and peace.

 Join us on the next rejuvenating retreat where you’ll be listened to, heard and supported. 

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 Course For Skin Professionals

Are you a Skin Professional seeking to understand the effects of menopause on your clients and their skin?

 If so, The Ultimate Guide To Menopause For Skin Professionals is the course for you. 

It is self paced and offers valuable education and specialised tools to enhance your knowledge for you to empower your clients which will elevate your business

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Your Skin Transformation

Our personalised Skin Solutions are suitable wether you are suffering with dry, red skin, breakouts, wrinkles, or feeling overwhelmed by conflicting skincare, we’ve got you covered.

With our Skin Reviews you’ll begin with an in depth consultation, followed by an enjoyable 60 minute facial. We will gather information about your skin’s unique needs.

We share our findings and send you a report, you’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

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You are able to sleep better, waking up refreshed and excited for your day

Someone listening to you and helping manage your symptoms, leaving you feeling calmer, more content and in control of your life 

Feeling empowered, during this chapter of your life, moving from surviving to thriving

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