Helping empower overwhelmed menopausal women to use this chapter not to survive but to THRIVE!!!

Do you struggle with

Overwhelm when searching for the correct knowledge on menopause and your symptoms. Leaving you feeling none the wiser, more confused and not knowing which way to turn. Each day you are rushing around after everyone else, bing pulled in different directions and your needs end up bottom of the pile. Nobody seems to understand and this leaves you isolated, sad and lonely.

Work With Me

Mindful Menopause Coaching

Mindful Menopause Coaching looks at values, deals with issues and creates your aligned future. For you, if you want balance, calm and contentment in your life. Book a call here to begin Mastering The Menopause!

Transforming Your Skin

Transforming your skin will improve your dull, dry skin, with lines and wrinkles. For you, if your overwhelmed with product choices, information and nothing is working. My holistic approach will address your needs wether they are emotional of physical. Together our commitment will bring awesome results.

For Skin Professionals

As a Skin Professional you want to learn how to recognise, support and treat skin affected by the menopause. This will result in improved services, increased profit and more client recommendations! Download your symptom checklist and we will keep you updated with exciting developments.


If you were able to sleep better, waking up refreshed and excited for your day. Someone truly listened to you and helped you with your emotional and physical symptoms leaving you feeling calmer, more content and in control of your life. You are empowered to use this chapter not just to survive but to thrive. Talk to me here…

In Clinic Treatments at Serendipity Skin Solutions

Choose, Book and Enjoy Your Treatment

Look no further for professional maintenance treatments: Intimate Waxing, Indian Head Massage or Facial Treatments. Come along to rest, relax and temporarily drop your roles in our "Oasis of Calm".

Are you concerned about how to approach your GP? Would you like knowledge, clarity and confidence to ask the right questions? Download these FIVE steps to get the most from your GP appointment!